We Love Pushing One Another to Grow in Our Faith
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We encourage all high school students in their junior or senior year and all transfer students to visit NNU.

We are called first to love. We learned that from Jesus.

NNU's faith community is rooted in love for God and one another, but it is not a Christian hideout from the world. Students and faculty alike challenge one another to examine, articulate and own their own faith. At NNU, you'll find a number of ways to help you grow in your faith:

  • Connect with other students through Timeout, a weekly student-led ministry service
  • Serve in local ministry in the Boise Rescue Mission or in international ministry through mission trips to Peru, Bangladesh or Rwanda
  • Join an ABIDE group, a small gathering of four NNU students and one faculty or staff leader, and explore how God is moving in your life
  • Participate in inspirational Chapel services

There is so much more to your education at NNU. Study the Word, grow in your faith, and learn from godly mentors who will invest in you. Listen to Courtney's faith journey as an NNU student.

More than just religion and ministry majors impact the world. NNU students are prepared in every aspect of life and faith - academically for the professional world as well as spiritually in their own walks to be God's light in the world.

We Love to Worship

Chapel is a great break from the craziness of every-day life. You will have the opportunity to hear from people both on and off campus: guest speakers, your professors, Rev. Gene Schandorff and maybe even that guy who sits next to you in the Dex. Student-led worship ministry will give you time to stop worrying about that up-coming test, slow down and rest in God's presence.

Listen to Chapel Recordings

Why is chapel a part of the NNU experience?

There are some things we all need to learn. The life of the mind and the life of the heart come together as we gather for chapel.

There are some things we all need to hear. There are voices of challenge, and hope and cries of desperate need that you may not hear anywhere else.

There are some things we all need to do. No one seeks the kingdom of God alone. We worship together, we pray together, and we make a difference together.

Why do we have chapel at Northwest Nazarene University? Because there are some things we all need.

This January of 2012, NNU's Student Government Association (SGA) welcomed guest speaker Scott Evans, a youth officer in the Church of Ireland, to speak at Winter Awakening. Winter Awakening is a chapel event where SGA brings in a special speaker for the entire week.

We Love Serving the Kingdom of God

Serving abroad or domestically is a transformative experience, and we hope that every NNU student sets foot on foreign soil during their college career. At NNU, students, faculty and staff enter cross-cultural contexts on a mission to listen, learn and serve. You'll have opportunities to join God in what He is already doing around the world while serving alongside missionaries and local leaders in ministry.

We go on mission trips to listen, to learn and to serve. We go to pay attention to what the needs of the people are—physical, emotional and spiritual. We go to be taught about how God is working and how we might be invited to participate with God and with the people. We go with humble hearts that are open to God's lead and the people's invitation. — Julene Tegerstrand

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We Love to be Mentored

ABIDE groups exist to create a safe place for transformational dialogue with God and each other. We listen for God and grow in faith on behalf of each other. Four students gather bi-weekly with a staff or faculty facilitator to listen to scripture, to silently reflect on faith and to pray. Group sharing and listening is also encouraged. Members will be guided to reflect more deeply as to how God is moving in their lives. We will seek to abide in God's love as He abides in us.

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I learned how to really pray in ABIDE. We focused not only on ourselves but also on the people sitting next to us and on people who are difficult for us to love. It was awesome to bring all these prayers before God. We also did a lot of sitting and listening to God. This was very powerful; it is not often that I just sit and listen. Wow. ABIDE quickly became a gathering that I looked forward to during the semester. — Kelsie Carlson, student