Welcome to NNU: the first eight days

August 13, 2014

Looking for a school with incredible traditions to make special college memories? You couldn’t pick a better place than NNU to make that happen. In fact, you can hardly start your first year experience without immersing yourself in special NNU events. During New Student Orientation and Week One you’re guaranteed to make memories that will last a lifetime. 

Day 1: It all starts on Friday, move-in day, when upperclassmen student leaders, faculty and staff, help the new students unload their cars and move into their new homes (some might call them residence halls). After moving in, students and families often head over to the Brandt Center Lawn for the Community Fair, which is a great time to learn about all Nampa businesses, churches and organizations have to offer, as well as pick up some great freebies. That evening, the whole school is invited to an ice cream social where students can mingle and meet the people they will be living life with during their four years at NNU.  

Day 2: Saturday night is the scavenger hunt, which allows new students the chance to become acquainted with NNU’s campus and resources. It’s always a good idea to dress like you might get dirty for this event. Student leaders have been known to have some pretty crazy, and not always tidy, ideas for this event.

Day 3: Sunday is the day we gently tell parents that it is time for them to leave and to entrust their student to us. Before parents leave, there is a pancake fest followed by an all campus worship service. Parents have the chance to pause with their students in the midst of the chaos and embrace what this transition means for them as a family. That evening, after tears are shed (not just by the moms) and hugs are shared, NNU faculty and staff embrace the new students by opening up their homes for an evening of food, fun and laughter, known as Rendezvous. After Rendezvous, it’s time for some good old-fashioned college fun as Week One kicks off with the first SGA bonfire of the year.

Day 4: Monday evening holds the highest attended event of the year, the infamous Root Beer Fest! Students gather on the lawn to share Root Beer Floats and way too much candy and to play games before watching a movie on a giant inflatable screen. It is the last hoorah before classes begin the next day.

Day 5: Tuesday marks the beginning of the academic year with the first day of classes. Students are able to go see what the Student Government Association (SGA) is all about that evening at the SGA Open House. 

Day 6: Wednesday is the first Timeout of the year. Students gather in the NNU Little Theater (Sader Dome) for a night of worship and encouragement from fellow-classmates.

Day 7: Thursday is the first opportunity students have to try the Brick, an NNU original frozen coffee drink, during Jazz on the Lawn at the Brick House.

Day 8: The first weekend of the year begins with Friday Night Lights, a camaraderie of competition as each team attempts to crown a champion. One of the highlights of Week One, Rollerscamming, happens right after the finish of Friday Night Lights. NNU students crowd the Roller Dome in Nampa, dressed to the nines in costumes matching the theme of Week One, for a night of rollerblading and frivolity. 
The kick off week to the freshman experience at NNU is a tradition built on the input from a century of NNUers that has come before. Events like Week One have been happening for decades under various names, including the most recent, Malibu Days. NSO and Week One are just the beginning of what will be a transformative college experience for each new student.  

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